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Providing educational service and housing referral to youth and young adults in metro Detroit since 1998.

This organization was founded in 1998 and has positively impacted the lives of Detroit youth and young adults by responding to the unmet needs of the Detroit school district.


Our Children Future Matters

The Problem

Children with untreated learning disabilities are more likely to develop substance abuse problems and are at greater risk of homelessness.

Michigan Department of Education reported in 2018, 28.8% of Michigan students had specified learning disabilities and approximately  25% of special education students drop out of high school. It is well-documented that children with untreated learning disabilities are more likely to develop substance abuse problems before the age of 14 and are at greater risk of homelessness. ILH was created to fill the void between government agencies and school services.

Our Mission

The needs of youth with developmental challenges are chronically unmet in the city of Detroit.

Independent Living Housing is dedicated to increasing the quality of life for these students and their families through education, therapy, and life skills training.


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Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are defined as a condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the level expected of those of the same age, especially when not associated with a physical handicap.

Learning disabilities are neurological problems that can’t be cured or fixed. They are a lifelong challenge. Learning disabilities affect the brain's ability to receive, process, store, respond to, and communicate information. These effects can limit one’s ability to reason, write, speak, spell, perform mathematical calculations and can hinder an individual’s attention span, coordination, social skills, and emotional maturity. Learning disabilities also interfere with higher level skills such as organization, time management, abstract reasoning, and both long and short term memory. It is important to realize that learning disabilities can impact an individual’s life beyond academics and can strain relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.


Our Vision

Independent Living Housing has created an environment that propels our youth to reach their maximum potential. Through life skills training and supplemental education, each of our students will have the ability to become gainfully employed, and live independently in a healthy environment.

Our Solution

ILH provides young adults with learning disabilities the resources necessary to lead successful and productive lives with appropriate intervention and reduction of barriers to housing and other resources.

Our goal is to
create adequate integrated housing for people with learning disabilities and connect them with resources to assist them with becoming productive members of society and ensure higher rates of success.

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