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Independent Living Housing Incorporated began its journey at the Joy Road Church of God in Christ. I was the Sunday school teacher for twenty-six learning-disabled young adults. It was after Church and Bible study service that I introduced my idea during a 15-minute presentation. I discussed how our Sunday school lesson related to life skill situations. Independent Living Housing continued its service in the community with the Catholic Social Services in Highland Park, Michigan. They had a program that included a group of forty-three single mothers. Per a special request, I provided life-skill lessons to those mothers. Another outreach program was at a local park. I personally prepared meals that included fried chicken, turnip greens, cornbread, and yams. There, I also gave presentations on life skills until I secured a more viable location. 
Our program was fortunate to begin working with Alternative for Girls. We worked with the young ladies twice per week, for two years, teaching life skills as well. Later, we entered into an agreement with the Detroit Public School system. There, we helped students discover their greatness with our life skill program. Unfortunately, Independent Living Housing left the schools because I became ill, and was not able to lead the organization as I once had.  I was a one-woman show for many years, however, as of today, we have served 3,000 Detroit Public students and 140 Detroit parents. Recently, we have been concentrating on referring residents to low-income housing agencies and shelters. We have been conversing with people through emails and calls around the United States.
Our newest venture is focusing on building and renovating homes for the learning disabled, below-poverty, and low-to-moderate-income communities. Independent Living Housing has a myriad of years and experience working with the learning disabled population. We are ready to apply for housing inventory planning.

Ruth Shortie

Founder of Independent Living Housing

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